Cognizer™ Translate

Product Overview

Cognizer Translate is a free software utility that you can use to extract, translate and save your Cognizer maps into a variety of graph data formats so you can load them into other graph visualisation and processing applications. 

It supports translation to:

  • GEXF (Graph Exchange XML) format
  • GDF (GUESS data file) format
  • GML (Graph Modeling Language) format
  • GraphML format
  • Pajek NET format
  • GraphVizDOT format
  • UCINET DL format
  • Tulip TLP format
  • Netdraw VNA format

    Cognizer Translate will work with all editions of Cognizer.


    A full description of Cognizer Translate is provided in the Cognizer Translate Guide. This includes installation instructions, so read this first before downloading the software.

    The Cognizer Translate software is packaged as a zip file CognizerTranslate.

    System Requirements

    The minimum hardware and software requirements for running Cognizer Translate are:

  • Computer - Intel® or compatible Pentium 166 MHz or higher.
  • Memory (RAM) - 16 MB minimum, 32 MB or more recommended.
  • Hard disk space - 10 MB minimum, 20 MB typical.
  • Monitor - VGA or higher resolution.
  • Pointing device - Microsoft Mouse or compatible.
  • CD-ROM drive required for CD distribution of Cognizer™.
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows 98 or Microsoft Windows Me or Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.