Cognizer™ 1.2 Team Edition

Product Overview

Cognizer™ Team Edition is a software package designed primarily to support large scale cognitive casual mapping in a team environment. It allows:

  • Collection of maps
  • Display of maps
  • Transformation of maps
  • Quantitative analysis of individual maps
  • Quantitative analysis of groups of maps
  • Quantitative comparison of maps within a group
  • Aggregation of groups of maps to a single map
  • Organisation and management of maps and associated data
  • Exchange of maps and associated data between different installations of Cognizer Team Edition
  • Configuration of Cognizer Remote Edition

    It has been designed to be powerful, flexible and easy to use. Cognizer™ Team Edition can be used to collect and analyse maps in a variety of contexts:

  • Academic research projects
  • Management consultancy engagements
  • Organizational management
  • Business management
  • Human resource management 

    Product Specification

    A detailed functional description of Cognizer™ 1.2 Team Edition is provided in the product brochure.

    System Requirements

    The minimum hardware and software requirements for running Cognizer™ Team Edition are:

  • Computer - Intel® or compatible Pentium 166 MHz or higher.
  • Memory (RAM) - 16 MB minimum, 32 MB or more recommended.
  • Hard disk space - 10 MB minimum, 20 MB typical.
  • Monitor - VGA or higher resolution.
  • Pointing device - Microsoft Mouse or compatible.
  • CD-ROM drive required for CD distribution of Cognizer™.
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft Windows 98 or Microsoft Windows Me or Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Vista or Microsoft Windows 7.